Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Little Things

When the going gets tough it's hard to keep going. I know this to be true, especially when drawing a blank from my spiritual life. I sometimes find that when I can't see God moving in my life or "feel" Him moving in me, it's hard to keep doing the "mundane" spiritual things in my day. I don't feel like doing my morning time with Him, I don't feel like speaking to Him through out the day, and that's not okay!

I'm learning that even when there's nothing that seems to be happening, he's still working. Maybe he's working in someone elses life at the moment. And by working in their life, it somehow effects mine. Just because I can't see Him working in me doesn't mean theres nothing going on, doesn't mean there isn't spritual growth. We learn from our mistakes, our trials. Sometimes those trials come in the form of a spiritual desert, the dreaded "mundane". And it's at those times when I'm in danger of becoming luke warm, and of not using even the little oppurtunites to further His kingdom.

In those times I feel they are most dangerous to myself. In good times I praise the lord, in bad I seek Him to find help. But in the everyday, I get over run with everyday things.

It's the big things that I can see, and that I know are changing me. But I need to focus on the little things too, the small ways that he shapes me. And also on the little things of joy that interupt an everyday thought. I shouldn't ignore a cheerful or funny moment on a bad day (no matter if it lasts a short while), or a paticualarly incouraging Christian song that pops up just when I need to hear it, or a conversation with a stranger about hair color. These are all things that I can use to glorify Him, whether by thanking Him quietly for the little things. Or by using a conversation to start talking about Him. Little or big changes, I need to continue to praise Him and seek Him.

Moira Grace


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